Thursday, October 05, 2006

What Makes a Local Issue Get National Press?

Apparently, the same things that make South Park funny:

About a month ago Vandale Amos Willis was in a Duluth courtroom, facing trial on drug charges. Ho hum, nothing to see here. Why then, is Willis showing up a month later in a variety of national papers?

These quotes first appeared in Duluth News Tribune:

  • "He was putting it into his mouth. That's when he kind of advanced toward me. As I explained to one of my compatriots, that's when I decided to redeploy to a more secure position."
  • "I think he was trying to goad the court into declaring a mistrial."
  • "I can't get into his mind, but I believe it was intentional manipulative conduct."
Now a month later, the AP is writing about Willis and his apology:
"'I'm going to take full responsibility for everything I did in Duluth,' Willis told the court. 'I want to apologize for everything I did in court. I'm sorry, your honor.'"


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