Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Korea: Blame Bush, Blame Clinton

And now more from the he said, she said files.

John McCain pins the current North Korea Fiasco on former president Bill Clinton, saying "the framework agreement [Clinton's] administration negotiated was a failure." McCain is an advocate of forcing tough sanctions upon North Korea (as is President Bush).

Sarah Karush of the AP writes:
"Democrats have argued President Clinton presented his successor with a framework for dealing with North Korea and the Republicans fumbled the opportunity. In October 2000, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright made a groundbreaking visit to Pyongyang to explore a missile deal with Chairman Kim Jong Il. There was even talk of a visit by President Clinton."
President Clinton's former chief of staff, John Podesta, now manages the Center for American Progress. Podesta pins the current North Korea Fiasco on current president George Bush, saying "by virtually every measure, Bush's North Korea policy has been a failure."


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