Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Environmental Refugees"

Tearfund, an aid and development agency, released results from a study stating "that there are already an estimated 25 million '‘environmental refugees'’ around the world, and that this figure is likely to increase as rain patterns continue to change and floods and storms become more frequent."

Tearfund is based in the UK and several outlets there have already written on the study, urged on, at least in part, by the official press release. This affords us an excellent opportunity to examine different takes on the same subject.

The BBC leads with the catastrophic prognostication: "Recent research suggests that by 2050, five times as much land is likely to be under 'extreme' drought as now."

The Independent opens focusing on the geographic impact of the study, telling us "
[m]ass movements of people across the world are likely to be one of the most dramatic effects of climate change in the coming century."

Thinktank Ekklesia works from the angle that something bad will happen, unless something is done, leading off with the statement: "
Global warming will trigger millions of climate change refugees unless urgent action is taken, a new report has suggested."

The London Times had a breaking news box, and as such, included only a single paragraph, focusing mainly on regurgitating the study. It led by stating
"[m]illions of climate change refugees will result from the impact of global warming on water supplies in poor countries - unless urgent action is taken, according to a report." As of this writing, the Times has no full article about the study, that I could find.

Tearfund has the study available here, check it out for yourself.


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