Friday, November 03, 2006

Biggest News Right Now

According to, Rev. Ted Haggard and his potential homosexual fling is the most prominent news story at this time.

The New York Times online is highlighting the story about the two women killed by Israel.

The most recent post on Daily Kos is about Lieberman the Republican.

The Reuters page is currently giving Iraq violence the highest page position.

Notice that there is no unified top story at the moment. This is not unusual, of course, but it does allow us to examine the different thinking of a few different sources.

Let's start with as has been noted by me, and even better by others, CNN is not so much about news as they are about sensationalism, life interest, and quirkyness. Carrying the Haggard story as the lead item seems to fit the sensationalism perspective; although it is news that may be worth knowing about, that Haggard may be gay and may have paid for sex with a man, is personal and maybe even boring.

The NYTimes, thought to exhibit the liberal bias, is currently featuring the Israel story, at least in part because news of it is just being released. This shows that the NYTimes, at least, updates their page with more frequency than CNN. The story, by its subject alone, portrays Israel in a bad light. Make of that want you want.

Reuters is highlighting the spike in violence in Iraq. Iraq and what happens there makes for an easy story at this point. People want to know what is going on with Iraq, and Reuters is not making news just for the people, but for other news outlets to pick up. So, here, we get what sells -- so to speak. Any prominent stories saying the Iraq war is not going well could be argued to be bad for the Republicans right now. Make of that what you please.


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