Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Virginia, too close to call, or not?

Polls have been closed for roughly 24 hours. Forbes, using an article from the AP, declared Republican George Allen a loser in Virginia at 3:13pm. Meanwhile is taking the conservative approach, stating on its home page “Virginia Senate race still too close to call.”

Allen’s opponent, and potential victor, declared “the votes are in and we won.” Meanwhile, George Allen has not conceded and his campaign website has not been updated.

Fox News states that“[i]n Virginia, the State Board of Elections announced it would not certify the outcome of the race between incumbent Republican Sen. George Allen and Democratic challenger Jim Webb until Nov. 27, after which recounts could begin.”

Michelle Malkin blogs that Webb took Virginia, while MSNBC reminds us “[w]ith control of the Senate down to the contest in Virginia, we could be wallowing in reminders of the weeks-long wrangle in Florida that ultimately decided the 2000 presidential race.”

For those wanting a resolution, you can watch Webb’s victory speech on YouTube.


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