Friday, May 11, 2007

USA Today vs. NY Times

Both the USA Today and the New York Times allow users to search the news by their most popular news of the day, broken down in various categories, e.g., most emailed.

Top 3 New York Times most emailed, last 24 hours:
  1. "The Incredible Flying Nanny Granny"
  2. "Psychiatrists, Children and Drug Industry's Role"
  3. "A No-frills Kitchen Still Cooks"
Top 3 USA Today most emailed:
  1. "'Black Death' found in Denver Squirrels"
  2. "Sin City uncovered: Vegas strips down to reveal its naughty side"
  3. "Michelle Obama: Campaigning her way"
Right away, it's easier to tell that people are not emailing each other the big stories, because, presumably anyone that cares can already find those easily enough. I'd assume people are emailing their friends stories they may not otherwise read. Looking further, and I honestly don't have a real idea about this, but I would assume (small sample size to be sure) that readers of the NYT are probably, on average, a little older than those of USAT, judging by the content of the stories. Now, one problem with that assumption is the selection bias inherent in the comparison. People who read the NYT may be older, or maybe it's just that the news at the NYT is more sophisticated.


Blogger Adam said...

I'd lean on sophistication as the main difference between the readers rather than age. I frequently read both and find urban dwellers read the times (be it NYC or other), while suburb dwellers lean towards USA today. One reason could be urbanites tend to have more education or interest in arts & world affairs, while suburbanites lean towards main stream home grown sources of entertainment.

Specifically though; I'd say the NYT is read by New Yorkers and people who in their hearts wish they lived in New York, while people travelling read USA today.

12:18 PM  

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