Friday, September 14, 2007

Debbie Schlussel's Embarrassing Moment

Here's where Debbie Schlussel tries to have it both ways.

She starts her tirade by calling out a reporter for being judgemental:
"USA Today 'reporter' Andrea Stone, for instance, must think she doubles as an editorialist. Her report in today's edition features loaded, biased opinions with words like 'erroneous' (regarding most Americans' belief) and 'scariest' regarding other numbers in the poll."
And goes on to do the same things herself. For example when she writes
"As one who sees the growing threat of Islam within our borders, I'm glad most Americans see us as a Christian nation. That means that, likely, most still believe strongly in Christianity. And that's why our country is not yet in the position of Europe a/k/a Eurabia (a term coined by Bat Ye'or)"
she is both making a judgement and exhibiting a strong bias (in this case against Islam, elsewhere in her post she shows prejudice against atheism).

Her entire point is summed up when she says "Freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from religion," and what's most interesting here is that this also sums up her biases as well. Which is to say, it's OK to choose a religion, as long as you have religion....unless this religion doesn't believe in a Christian God.

Listen folks, being subjective has it's place. And I don't particularly care about anyone's religion, but if you are going to write a diatribe against being an "editorialist," you best not be doing the same things you rail against. It's an embarrassment. And that's my opinion, and I will not pretend it's fact. And that's OK with me. Thanks for your time; enjoy the rest of your day.


Blogger Mark said...

In your face Schlussel! Take that, ya twat! :)

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