Monday, April 16, 2007

Cheney's plane hits bird; plane lands safely has been giving prominent space to this story, which is about as newsworthy as the new golf video games, also given prominence on

Here are the story highlights (AS POINTED OUT BY CNN):
"• Plane carrying VP hits bird on approach to Chicago's O'Hare Airport
• Mechanics check plane, find it OK to take Cheney back to Washington
• In Chicago speech, Cheney attacks Democrats on Iraq war funding bills
• After speech, Cheney shops for birthday gift for his granddaughter"
So, how is this news? Using the old saw that it's not news when dog bites man, but it is when man bites we see Cheney's plane hitting a bird and, gasp, having no damage to the plane as a result. If the plane was damaged by the bird, maybe this would be worthy of my attention. Or, if Cheney shot at the bird through the cabin window, maybe that would be interesting. Or not.

Carry on. Thanks for your time.