Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gordon Brown head of party, not head of state

Thanks to Justin Webb for this:

"Incidentally CNN described Gordon Brown as a "Head of State." This mistake - a common one - is part of the reason why Americans often think Brits are uncomfortably nasty to their prime ministers. To American eyes attacking them can sometimes seem unpatriotic - they do not realise that these figures represent a party not the state. Conversely we Brits forget sometimes that Obama and McCain are competing to become America's Queen."


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How old is Jack McCormick?

"But rarely - outside of a June 5 spat with Kevin Youkilis in the dugout - had it turned physical, as it did when Ramírez shoved McCormick, 64, who fell to the ground."
(Amalie Benjamin - Boston Globe)

"What's up with Manny? Is the goofy slugger in need of some anger management? And why won't the Red Sox publicly sanction their star when he pushes a 64-year-old club executive to the ground?"
(Dan Shaughnessy - Boston Globe)

"He Manny-handled the team's traveling secretary over the weekend, pushing the 62-year-old down after he didn't immediately come up with the 16 tickets he wanted to the game in Houston."
(David Whitley - Orlando Sentinel)

"When another request was made by Ramirez upon arriving at the ballpark Saturday and led to a physical confrontation in which the 36-year-old shoved the 66-year-old McCormick to the ground, no thoughts of what it might mean in the long term were measured out."
(Rob Bradford - Boston Herald)

So, 62, 64, or 66, and is a traveling secretary a "team executive" (as titled by Shaughnessy of the Globe)?